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Final Paper

Your final assignment is to reflect back on all that you have learned and all the work you have done this semester.

The Final Paper is a two- to three-page, typed analysis of your work as represented throughout the semester. This analysis will generally answer the question: What is the status of my academic life after this semester? How have you changed? The paper should clearly reflect an analysis of your work throughout the semester and connect to course concepts.

The following questions may help direct your thinking. This list is intended to serve as a tool for brainstorming ideas for your analysis. Do not feel you need to address every question.

Brainstorming Questions:

  • Consider your accomplishments this term. Describe the strengths and weaknesses of your work in this course.
  • What would you say was the most important thing you learned this session and why?
  • How has your thinking about academic success changed since you started the class?
  • What techniques, tips, and/or advice will you carry forward into the next semester? Why?
  • Having completed this course, what advice would you give an incoming freshman about being academically successful?
  • What has been your greatest challenge and how has it affected your academic life? What are you doing to manage this challenge?
  • What was your favorite reading; explain how it applies to you now.
  • Describe a change you have made this semester. How has it benefited you?

Please make this analysis relate to my old journal, it’s attached to this question. Thanks.


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