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write a paper that will be in four distinct sections and compare the differences and characteristics between

  • a). The Renaissance and Baroque Periods;
  • b). The Baroque and Classical Periods;
  • c). the Classical and Romantic Periods and
  • d). the Romantic and Twentieth Century Periods.

**Keep in mind that each comparison (or section) is worth 25 points. The total paper is worth 100 points. You should aim for approximately 500 words (more if necessary) for each section. That will bring your total output to 2,000 words for the entire assignment. Don’t be afraid to write more and be more “complete” in your approach.

** Helpful hints: What are some of the characteristic traits of music written during a period? Why were they like that? How did they evolve in the next time period? Who or what was responsible for the change/evolution of the musical style? Are there landmark historical moments or figures that had something to do with the musical landscape? How did they impact the changes that happened from one time period to the next? How long did it take for a change in musical style to take hold? How long did it stick around? What examples of music BEST illustrate the style of a particular time period (early, high, late)? What about that piece makes it an excellent example of that era’s style? (These are just a few questions to get you started when drafting your paper. There may be other questions that you come up with that you want to explore during the course of your paper to illustrate the differences and characteristics found in each musical era)

Included in this paper will be the different genres and terminology discussed throughout this course.
Use proper grammar and spelling.
Don’t forget to use composers and iconic pieces in your writings to help illustrate your points.


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