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Geopolitics homework.
Respond the following questions in 200-300 words.
1. Why, according to Gregory, did the U.S. need to conduct “a performance of territory through
which the fluid networks of Al-Qaeda could be fixed in a bounded space”?
2. In what ways, according to Gregory, have Palestinians been rendered as homines sacri and has
Palestine rendered a space of exception?
3. How is Gregory’s explanation for the 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq different from Kaplan’s
explanation of the invasion?
4. According to Gregory, “Tourists move in the folds between compression and expansion, and
cultures of travel are some of the most commonplace means through which colonialism is
abroad in our own present.? What does Gregory mean by compression and expansion, and why
does he go on to say that “we… are implicated in the performance of the colonial present”?
5. Gregory argues that ”the most enduring memorial to the thousands who were murdered in the
catastrophic destruction of the World Trade Center and parts of the Pentagon on September 11and to thousands more who have been killed in Afghanistan, Israel, Palestine, and Iraq- would be
the destruction of the architectures of enmity that produced and have been sustained by those
dreadful events.” What Gregory mean by architecture of enmity? What does he say that these
architectures of enmity have both “produced and been sustained by those dreadful events’?
Book to use: Derek Gregory, The Colonial Present, (Malden: Blackwell, 2003)
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2. Type: derek gregory the colonial present pdf
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