Article-Unit 3: Racial Discrimination in Criminal Justice

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  • Select the Current Events Discussion link above to review the articles found in the publisher’s Study Site.  Review those articles that you think by their title might relate in some way this week’s reading –Unit 3: Racial Discrimination in Criminal Justice.  
  • Remember to include:
    • A one to two paragraph summary of the article in your own words.  Include in your post how the article applies to this week’s topic-Racial Discrimination in Criminal Justice.
    • A description of how the article relates to your own personal ethics. Try to include any relevant personal or professional experience in your answer. 
    • The publication name and date of any sources that you use in your post. 

NOTE: You may reasonably expect, and should budget your time accordingly, that Part A will require 2+ hours to complete with “quality.”  One hour or more may be required to locate and read possible articles for your posting, and up to one more hour may be necessary to plan, write, and revise a thoughtful post to the forum.  Remember it is to be completed by 8 PM Thursday.


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