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Chapter 2

Read Chapter 2. Answer the following questions:

1.  Define phonology and phoneme.

2.  List eight (8) parental language techniques.

3.  Define morpheme and morphology.

4.  Define grammar and inflection.

5.  Define semantics.

6.  Explain concept building.

7.  What is basic to the child’s concept development?

8.  Define pragmatics.

9.  When do children first use words?  What is the greatest inhibitor of adults’ speaking and responding to children?

10.  What is inner speech?

11.  What is the importance of symbolic gesturing?

12.  Define joint attention.

13.  Describe telegraphic speech and the significance of telegraphic speech.  What is another term for telegraphic speech?

14.  Give several suggestions for stimulating language development.

15.  Explain how music can aid in language development.

16.  Define symbolic play and explain the importance of symbolic play.

17.  Describe books appropriate for toddlers.

18.  List eleven (11) suggestions for selecting books for toddlers.

19.  What are electronic books?

20.  List seven (7) suggestions for skill-promoting through musical play.

21.  How can toys promote language development?

22.  What advice can a child care worker give to parents of toddlers concerning language development?


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