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Field 1. Environmental Impact –50 points

Industrialization is an important part of how we use resources to support how we live. Therefore, it is important to be responsible with how we use our resources and conduct our chemistry. Occasionally, we make missed, cause accidents, and often develop irresponsible behaviors that impact our environment in an adverse way. These so-called environmental accidents often affect people, wildlife, vegetation, and the air and water around us. Chemistry is part of the events involved in many of the accidents. This assign will help you learn how to assess environmental mishap and weight the costs and benefits to humanity.

1.Watch a movie, video, or documental of greater than 20 minutes on an industrial catastrophe that affected the environment (water, air, people, animals, plants, etc.) in an adverse way. Give the title and full credits and reference the source. –10 points2.Write up to 2 pages maximum including 2references/citations. –5 points3.Include the following in the paper: 

a)Brief introduction –5 points 

b)Body 2-3 paragraphs discussion problem, chemistry (emphasis), solution, impacted species and how (emphasis) –20 points

4.Conclusion –How you felt, why, and how might this be changed or should it –10 points


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