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I have to submitt a 1200 word argumentative essay using APA 6TH edition. Also, it has to have 100 words abstrac, citations, quotes, third  and realible research about the subject. The topic for my essay is Education is a rigrright or a priviledge. This is my rough draft but if someone can help.

Humankind has shown the ability to learn and to adapt to any changes throughout time. Also, important discoveries have been made in order to improve society and quality of life. The creation of the numeric system and the discovery of the notion of what gravity is are few examples that demonstrates humans curiosity to understand how universe works. However, all of these great discoveries, creations, and universal laws would not have been achieved without some sort of education. A vital part of society is access to knowledge so that citizens can contribute to create a better economy, laws, technological improvements and cures for hazardous diseases, etc. However, education is the key to access this infinite knowledge and that is why education should be a right, so every person has the same opportunity to contribute to society’s growth and development.
> The education process starts within families. Children learn about love, responsibilities, values, rules and how to behave around people. The next step is to attend kindergarten where young people learn to socialize, explore, and develop motor and cognitive skills. Unfortunately there are many children who do not share the same faith and are neglected by their parents. As a consequence, children tend to develop social and emotional insecurities. Chapple, Tyler, & Bersani (2005) suggested that “children who are neglected prior to the preschool years have particularly adverse developmental outcomes in childhood and adolescence” (p. 40). President Obama signed the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) on December 10, 2015 to ensure the success for students and schools” (U.S Department of Education, n. d.). This act provides protection for student that are in disadvantage as well as in need. One of the main purpose is to raise the education’s standards so student can obtain a better quality of knowledge which will prepare them for success.
Education is a vital part of the growing process and every child should be afforded the opportunity to attend school and learn. Without education there is no growth and success in our society. We are in a day and age where there is little that you can do without the proper knowledge. In order to be a contributing part of society, it is so important for us to have an education. As parents, we should play a huge part in our children’s development and helping them to open their minds and gain the most diversity as possible. As adults, we still have the opportunity to learn something new everyday and it is so important to teach our children that knowledge is infinite. As I have always said, knowledge is power and without it, we are nothing. Hopefully one day, our country will be able to further see the value of education and make it easier for those trying to obtain it. Although education is so important, it is very hard to obtain the further on we get in our journeys. Education becomes very expensive and we ultimately dig ourselves into massive debt in order to get there. Our system is flawed but it is important to never give up and to keep pushing to reach our goals, no matter the cost.


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