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Hello. I need to respond to this to prompts for my online class.

Prompt #1: Choose from the following readings/topics

  1. Charles Darwin’s ‘Natural Selection” (pp. 706-709) and Verlyn Klinkenborg’s “Darwin at 200: The Ongoing Force of His Unconventional Idea” (pp. 711-714)
  2. Oliver Sachs’ “Anybody Out There” (pp. 742-745)

Write a 500-word comparative essay on evolution and creationism. Search for two web sites, one promoting the idea of evolution, and one promoting creationism.  Compare and contrast the approach of each site as well as the reliability and validity of the information.  Consider the approach of each site, visitor comments, visual appearance, and professionalism of the site.  Be sure to include reference list and a hyperlink within your text to the site.

Prompt #2:  In Rachel Carson’s “The Obligation to Endure” (pp. 669 – 674), the author asserts that there is limited awareness of the threat to our environment, and we are in an era dominated by “industry which [holds] the right to make a dollar at whatever cost” (674).  In 300 words, respond to that assertion by sharing your position on the rights of business versus the needs of the community for safe land, water, and air.  For further thought, consider reading McKibben’s “The Environmental Issue from Hell” (pp. 666-668)


  • Respond to two prompts with a minimum 300 word each
  • Graphic, photo, hyperlink or other visual (required).
  • Cite any sources used or quoted material.

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