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150 words with references including in-text citations for each.

Overcoming Objections, Write two possible objections to your peer’s claim statement for the first part for #1. 

Then write one peer objection (Refutation) to the #2.


The use of stem cell research in cancer research will allow a greater knowledge base to be obtained to help cure the diseases as long as ethical guidelines are appropriately followed (Farajkhoda, 2017).  

Farajkhoda, T. (2017). An overview on ethical considerations in stem cell research in iran and ethical recommendations. Iranian Journal of Reproductive Medicine, 15(2), 67-74. Retrieved from


3-D printing: Name of article: Industry Leaders Weigh In

Claim Statement: It is a commercial expansion that will develop in the technology and digital design world in the future.(Molitch-Hou, 2017)

3-D Printing will be a new type of printing technology that everyone will have to get used to in years to come. Automotive, medical, aerospace, consumer goods, the heavy industry will be the next industries that will be the next growing digital age. (Molitch-Hou,2017)

APA Citing:

Molitch-Hou, M. (2017, December 27). 3D Printing Predictions for 2018: Industry Leaders Weigh In > Retrieved from


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