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1) Gender and race as variables in psychosocial adjustment to Middle and High School PATRICK AKOS JOHN P. GALASSI The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

2) Effect of Interactive Multimedia on the Achievement of 10th-Grade Biology Students Sara Jane Calderin Florida International University

After you read the two articles How to be a wise consumer of psychological research and either the article about small changes in the teaching of reading or the article on breakfast and dieting, please post your thoughts about the relationship of these articles to your professional practice or your personal experience. In a brief posting, give one example of how flaws in research can influence an area of your professional work. This posting can be brief, up to 200 words, and will be graded. 

After you and complete the evaluation of the research study “Gender and Race as Variables in Psychological Adjustment to Middle and High School,” post a 250-word discussion board response in which you and will identify three important points about evaluating a research report that you learned as you evaluated this study. Please submit your response and then compare your posting with that of other     �f��g�(

each question must be 300 words 


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