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For this project, you will select three areas of interest. An area of interest is an area such as climate, retail, agriculture etc. 

 For each area of interest select at least 3 articles related to this area of interest where the authors have proposed a model using DEEP learning. Read and summarize the three articles for each area in detail.  Your submission will be a set of slides.  

So the project submission outline will be 

1) Introduction (explain at a high level the plan of the report)

2) summary of three articles in the first area – at least a 5-10  slide summary of EACH the three articles separately. for each summary cover in sufficient detail – what’s the problem, how does the article propose to use deep learning to address the problem, why is deep learning the right way to solve this problem; and any other miscellaneous comments. and provide the references. Use figures to provide a better explanation.. 

3) summary of three articles for second area

4) summary of three articles for the third area 

No collaboration or plagiarism is acceptable. I will use the Turnitin originality report too. So ensure your score on this does not exceed 10% overlap.  So submit pdf files (no zip files etc) only. 


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