Week 7 Discussion 2

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 Optimization for Transactional Processing” Please respond to the following:

  • Databases  can grow in data structure and data capacity throughout time. At  certain times, it is necessary to perform optimization techniques in  order to ensure optimal performance of the database. Evaluate at least  two methods that can be used to optimize database components such as  queries, reports SQL transaction processing, and data consumption.  Provide a real-world example that explains how these methods would help  an organization process a large number of online transactions within a  short time span. 
  • Suggest at least two SQL optimization  techniques that can be used to enhance the data access turnaround time  and transaction processing time. Provide examples to support your  response.
  • Assess the database statistics that could be used in  order to measure database performance. Provide a real-world example that  demonstrates how this information would enable businesses to accurately  scale its data processing requirements.

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