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Assignment connects to the following Course Learning Objectives: 

#5 Assess the organizational components that impact strategy implementation.
#6 Evaluate the roles of ethics, social responsibility, and environmental sustainability in strategy implementation.

Assignment Purpose:  Summarize competitive advantages.

Assignment Description:  Complete a Case Analysis that summarizes a companies competitive advantage.


Read Case 03: Whole Foods Market in 2014:  Vision, Core Values, and Strategy pages (CA11 – CA39)

Complete a short Written Case Analysis (2-3 pages, not including a title page and references page)

(1) identify all the pertinent issues pertaining to unique marketing and positioning strategy
(2) perform an analysis and evaluation highlighting why that gives Whole Foods a competitive advantage compared to other grocery store chains.
(3) propose an action plan or set of recommendations based on that competitive advantage.


This assignment asks you to review a volume of research, critically evaluate that information, and succinctly summarize that analysis.  
You are not required to do additional research for this project.  
For additional assistance, review the Guide to Case Analysis reading introduced in unit 3.


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