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Discussion Post

What criminal justice topics might we be able to study using a true experiment?  For  some criminal justice topics, a quasi-experimental design is more  appropriate. What topics might we want to use a quasi-experimental  design for? Why are there differences in the types of topics that can be studied using a true experiment versus a quasi-experiment? 

GIve examples and support your findings/position. 


 Remember that the answer to all the questions must relate to the research proposal topic that you chose in Assignment #1.     

Unit 4 Assignment:

Chapter 6: Complete and submit Developing a Research Proposal Questions 1 through 3 on page 172 of the textbook.

Chapter 7: Complete and submit Developing a Research Proposal Questions 1 through 5 on page 204 of the textbook.

Submit both chapters questions together in one attachment. Make sure that you label your answers by chapter.

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