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Additionally, the directions for completing the summary and reflection for the article this coming week are posted on the discussion board. I am also including them here:

1. Read the attached article (it is on the discussion board and also available under content in week 2):

Comparing Characteristics of High-Incidence Disability Groups: A Descriptive Review

2. Complete the discussion post for Week 2. Write a 3-2-1 summary in paragraph form using APA citations as necessary. Your summary should include 3 things you learned, 2 things that surprised you, and 1 question you still have. Then respond to the posts of two classmates. Your responses should also be written in paragraph form. Elaborate and give details for your response. “I agree” is not an acceptable response. Tell why you agree. You will not be able to view other’s posts until after you have completed and posted your summary.


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