essay (Poetry Craft Assignment) Minimum 1.5 pages total, double-spaced, in MLA format

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Part A:  Pick one of the following options. 

Part B:  Write a page of reflection about your process of writing the poem

Part A: POEM CRAFT (do ONE of the following three options):

  1. Write a bio-poem:


  1. Write a formal verse poem like a haiku, sonnet, villanelle, sestina, etc.  (See Powerpoint for descriptions). 


  1. Write a free verse poem (not following any formal rhyme scheme, rhythm (pattern of stressed/unstressed syllables, number of lines in each stanzas). 


For whichever option you chose for Part A, write one page, double-spaced of reflection on your process.  Feel free to use any of the terms in the PowerPoint in your reflection: 

–end-stopped lines






–alliteration, etc.

What choices did you make as you were writing your poem?  How did you choose where your line breaks were, what images to use, to add rhyme or not, to make the lines have a certain pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables? 


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