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The Marriott Hotel chain ordered 20,000 towels from their usual supplier, at a cost of $36,000. After the towels were delivered on time to the corporate office, Quality Control employees noticed that 25% of the towels (all from one delivery truck) had a tear in the right hand, lower corner. The tear rendered the towels useless, as they could not be used in the hotels. Marriott was not happy, as the towels were critically needed for a renovation of a few of their chain locations that were set to open in 2 days. Upon contacting the towel supplier, Marriott was told that they could not possible produce that many towels in 2 days and would instead deliver them in a week.

What are the issues here, and what law comes into play? What are the towels considered under the law? What are ALL of Marriott’soptionsunder that law? What case law from the text could you cite in a brief if this matter made it to court and you were Marriott’s lawyer? (hint – of course you can Google the cases to find the result and use that holding as your case law!).


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