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You are expected to prepare a written research paper on a topic from this course that is of interest to you. Students must select the topic and have it approved by me by the end of second week. If you are looking for some topic ideas, here are few that you can choose from and write on.

  • Impact of IT on organizational competitiveness and global economies
  • Emerging Technologies: corporate uses of social networks and “Enterprise 2.0” for strategic and/or organizational goals
  • Knowledge management and Business Intelligence strategies
  • IT security and Privacy
  • Cloud Business Intelligence
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Green IT
  • Social, legal and ethical aspects of IS security and privacy
  • Business value of social networks
  • Business applications of Web 2.0 technologies
  • Cloud Computing and Information Systems
  • Ethical, social and legal issues in Cloud Computing
  • Collaboration in the cloud.
  • Mobile and pervasive Business Intelligence
  • Social Media Applications in Business Intelligence
  • Maintaining privacy in social media and networks
  • Cybercrime and IT Misuse
  • Organizational countermeasures to prevent IT misuse
  • Computer forensics
  • Open source software development
  • Issues in software learning and training
  • Enterprise Systems

The research paper should not be a summary of your reading. It should be an in-depth, substantive analysis of the issues related to your research topic, including the current best practices in the field. The paper must be an original work that has not been submitted to any other class for credit by anyone anywhere. The paper will be graded on technical content (completeness and correctness of your analysis), readability factors (including logic & organization, style, grammar, spelling), references and working skill. Papers are expected to be 15 to 18 pages in length (type written and double-spaced, 12 point font with 1 inch margins) excluding bibliography, table of contents or any graphic, tabular or illustrative material. References should include current sources and must conform to APA or Chicago style. The paper is expected to meet graduate-level standards and be suitable for publication in a professional journal. You should research at least 20 external references such as academic journal /conference papers, trade journals, short videos and relevant websites for your paper. Atleast 10 of these references must be from peer reviewed journals or conferences only. Use of wikipedia or the class text as a reference will cause a serious loss of points. References must include the published journal name and information, NOT a URL where you found the paper. The cover sheet should have, at the minimum, the course number, course name, the title of the paper, the term and the name of the student. The paper must be submitted as a file via blackboard.


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