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American Art Project–Pre-Assignment Instructions

Statement of Purpose or “Why Am I Doing

Both message and context are
important when viewing public art; they will help you appreciate more than just
the history the artwork represents. When you understand these concepts, you can
view thecollective past on a deeper level. The events surrounding the creation
and placement of public art say quite a bit about the art itself. Before
beginning the American Art Project– Assignment, it is necessary to define what
is meant by message and context of a work of art. The message of art is more
than just the subject matter of the painting or sculpture. Some works of art may
portray one image, but when examined closely, convey a deeper meaning
reflective of the period in which they were created.

Completing This Assignment:

Click on
the following link:


Look at the
artwork presented and read the description of the figures presented.

As you
review the information, think about the following questions:

Why would
Classical and Renaissance images and themes appear in this type of space?

message was the artist trying to send?

Next, look
at this resource on TheApotheosis of


primarily on the text from the second column of p. 127 to the end.

The text gives
several clues as to why Brumidi created the image in the way he did, including
the events of the Civil War and the beginning of Reconstruction.

In your own words (50–75 words), define the term “historical
context.” If you use any outside sources, cite them in current Turabian format.

Your final assignment will rely
heavily on your understanding of this term. You will be scored for this
assignment based on your definition of the term and your ability to communicate
it clearly.

Click on the following link and provide the historical context of
this work of art:


This will provide your
instructor with a baseline of your understanding of the concept of historical
context and its application.



Other Questions.

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