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eek One Discussion: Formal Report Topic

(First post should occur by Wednesday 11:59 PM.)

In preparation for the Formal Report, you will choose a topic that is associated with your field of study. The topic should identify a problem and propose three potential solutions. The topic should be specific and career based. Consider issues such as occupational safety, cultural diversity, violence or bullying, staffing or personnel, technology, communication, policy or compliance. Avoid general topic or topics unrelated to professional life.

For your main post, share an overview of your topic and analyze it based on PAIBOC (pages 12-13 as a guide including Figure 1.3).

· Purpose,

· Audience

· Information

· Benefits

· Objections

· Context

Main post must be 300 words minimum.

Follow the formatting closely here. Analyze your topic for all 6 elements.

In a second post, respond to a peer and 1) comment on their choice 2) ask a question 3) make a suggestion.

Third post may be a response to comments on your post or comment on another peer’s topic.


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