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Assignment #2:
“Changing Our Lives” Outline

Quatisha Warren

ENG 090- Writing

Prof. Intawiwat

April 23, 2016


Please use the
following outline template to create your outline for the Week 3 Outline
assignment. Please be sure to use a topic outline with short phrases and NOT a
complete-sentence outline. You must identify at least three main points in your
outline with at least two supporting details for each main point. You will
create the Introduction and Conclusion in Week 5 so you may leave those
sections blank.

Introduction – You
will create the Introduction in Week 5 so you may leave this blank.

Thesis:I have
now chosen to go to college
at this juncture because I want to learn
something new, making more money, and to enter a career I love.

I. Learning
Something New

A. Expanding Knowledge

Being Introduced to New Things

II. Making More Money

A. Being able to have one’s own

Social Investment Network

III. Entering a Career I Love

A. Enjoying the work

Being able to be more creative

Conclusion – You
will create the Conclusion in Week 5 so you may leave this blank


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