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ASSIGNMENT DETAILS:The purpose of this assignment is to finalize an internal
business proposal that outlines how you will implement the solution to the problem
you have identified in your organization.Throughout the course you have completed
most of the necessary research and assignments needed to generate the final business
proposal. Refer back to the "Business Proposal Project Summary" document in the
Course Materials as needed. The key pieces you will focus on creating are the
Executive Summary and the Conclusion/Call to Action.Using feedback from the
assignments in Topics 5-7, create your final business proposal document. It should
include each of the pieces listed below. 
 - Executive Summary (250 words) provides a short summary of the entire proposal
so key stakeholders can see an overview of the proposal and understand it without
reading the entire document.
 - Purpose Statement (100-250 words) provides clear statement of why the business
proposal is being made.
 - Problem Statement (revised as needed from Topic 1 assignment feedback)
including specific data (statistics and numbers) related to how the problem
impacts the business. This part of the proposal should include the
graph/chart/data you collected in Part 1 of the Topic 2 assignment.
 - Data and Research Findings (250-500 words) should include a summary of what you
learned from conducting research related to what has already been done to address
the organizational problem. This part of the proposal should include the
graph/chart/data you collected in Part 2 of the Topic 2 assignment.
 - Proposed Solution (250-500 words) should include a summary of the top three
problem solutions you considered to address the problem. In addition to including
the graph/chart/data you collected in Part 3 of the Topic 2 assignment, this
section should provide a succinct discussion of the pros and cons of implementing
each of the top three solutions being considered to address the problem.
 - Stakeholder Analysis and Benefits (500 words, revised as needed from Topic 3
assignment feedback) summarizes all data and information related to the key
stakeholders affected by the proposed problem solution along with a summary of
benefits to be gained by stakeholders if the problem solution is implemented.
 - Change Management Plan (250-500 words) clearly articulates specific methods and
strategies to be utilized to manage organizational changes associated with the
selected solution implementation.
 - Implementation Methods (250-500 words) summarize specific strategies that will
used to implement the problem solution, including time and costs associated with
implementation of the solution.
 - Evaluating Success (250 words) summarize specific measures you will use to
evaluate the success of the problem solution.
 - Conclusion/Call to Action (100 words) provides specific steps you would like
key stakeholders and sponsors to take in the implementation of the proposed
It is important to include specific data throughout the business proposal. Include
statistics that support the problem statement; can be used to establish and track
goals; relate to specifics of implementation, timing, and cost; and illustrate
stakeholder benefits. Keep in mind that the proposal is an internal document that
will be read by stakeholders within the organization where the problem exists. Focus
on this audience as you write. Within the Word document, include subsection titles
to organize content according to the categories listed above to provide easy
reference points for the reader.APA format is required for essays only. Solid
academic writing is always expected. For all assignment delivery options,
documentation of sources should be presented using APA formatting guidelines

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