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Fundamentals of Interpersonal week Discussion 8

Week 8: Week
Eight – Class Discussion

Only 100 words

Objectives for this activity:

Illustrate how a positive communication climate contributes
to sustaining social, personal, and professional relationships.

This week’s chapter reading began with an explanation of the
four features of satisfying personal relationships. Review the reading on
pages 194-202 if necessary before posting.

Members of different cultural or regional groups may have
very different rules for what each feature includes, and how it is
communicated. After identifying each of the four features, reflect on
your own experiences. Then, explain and illustrate how each feature is
communicated between people. Give specific examples from your own

Features of Satisfying Relationships:

Many people feel as Fiona does. The first year of college is
a lonely time for many students who have not made new friends. Americans rely
more on friends than do Russians. The same is true of new employees until them
some on0the-job friendships, they are likely to feel lonely and somewhat uncomfortable.
in fact, communication climate is strongly related to job satisfaction and to
low turnover among employees ( Anderson, Corazzini, & Mc Daniel, 2004).


Investments are what we put into relationships that we could
mot relieve if the relation- ship were to end. When we care about another
person, we invest time, energy, thought, and feelings in interaction. We may
also invest martially by speeding money, giving gifts, and so forth. In
workplace relationships, we also invest time, energy, though, and feeling and
often give material assistance to coworkers.


In committed relationship, partners assume that they will
continue together. Unlike passion or attraction, which arise in the present,
commitment links partiers together in the future. Because partners in committed
relationships view their connection as continuing, they are less likely to
perceive problems and tensions as reasons to end the relationship. To increase
your understanding of the difference between love and commitment, go to your
Online Resources for Interpersonal Communication.


A third cornerstone of satisfying personal relationship is a
high degree of trust between partners , trust involves believing in another’s
reliability (that he or she will do as promised) and emotionally relying on
another to look out for our welfare and our relationship.

Confirming and Disconfirming Climates:

We first encountered philosopher Martin Buber in Chapter 2
when we discussed I- it, I – you, and I –thou relationships. Believed that all
of us need confirmation to be healthy and to grow. Contemporary communication
is feeling in known and validated as an individual. Relationship usually
doesn’t, over abruptly from one spot on the continuum to a different spot.
Usually, one level of confirmation flows into the next in a gradual easy. You
might not feel very confirmed by a person you have just met. As the two of you
talk and interact, the other person may communicate that he or she values you,
so you begin to feel more confirmed. Over time, you move on to feeling that the
relationship is basically confirming.


Wood, J. (2013). Interpersonal
communication: Everyday encounters
, (7th Ed.). Boston, MA: Wadsworth
Cengage Learning.


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