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Fundamentals Inter week 10 discussion

Week 10:
Week Ten – Class Discussion


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Objectives for this activity:

Illustrate how a positive communication climate contributes
to sustaining social, personal, and professional relationships.

Reflect on any new information about forming friendships
which you have learned in this week’s activities. Now, discuss online
friendships with your classmates.

Respond toall of
the following prompts in the class discussion section of your online

1. Consider
the people you have met online; in chat rooms, classroom, emails, social
networking sites, etc..

2. Have
friendships formed with some of the people you have met? How do these
friendships follow the developmental stages we have studied in this unit?

3. How
does a developing friendship online compare with a developing friendship

Chapter 10, “Friendships in Our Lives,” pages

Internal Tensions:

Friendships are vulnerable to tensions inherent in being
close. Internal tensions are relationship stresses that grow out of people and
their interactions. We consider thereof these.

Role Limited Interaction

Friendly Relations

Moving toward Friendship Nascent Friendship

Stabilized Friendship

Warning Friendship

External Pressure

Page 260

Relational Dialectics

In chapter 8, we discussed relational dialectics, which are
opposing human needs that create tension and propel change in close
relationships. The three dialectics of connection/ autonomy, openness/
privacy, and novelty/ familiarity
punctuate our friendships, prompting us to adjust continually to natural yet
contradictory needs.

Friendships can strained when people have different needs.
There could be tension if Joe is bored and wants novelty but his friend Andy is
overestimated and needs, calming routines.
Similarly, if Andy has just broken up with a girlfriend, be may seek
greater closeness wit Joe at a time when Joe has a strong need to feel
independent of others. When needs cullied, friends should talk. It’s important
to be open about what you need, and to be sensitive to what your friend needs.
Doing this simultaneously honors your friend, and the relationship. Friends
usually can work out ways to meet each person’s needs or at least understand
that differing needs don’t reflect unequal commitment to the friendship.


Wood, J. (2013). Interpersonal communication: Everyday
, (7th Ed.). Boston, MA: Wadsworth Cengage Learning.


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