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The ability to find and evaluate nutrition information has become a critical skill. General web browsing will often lead to misinformation. One gateway to reliable nutrition information is Health on the Net Foundation (HON) (http://www.hon.ch/HONsearch/Patients/index.html). Please use Health on the Net Foundation throughout this course.

This discussion provides students the opportunity to learn nutrition information from each other.

First, research a nutrition topic on HON that you would like to learn more about. You may choose a nutrition myth or a hot topic in nutrition. After you are done with your research, create your first post that contains 1-2 paragraphs explaining several key facts about your subject. Include why it is important to know these facts and describe some of the misinformation that exists on this subject. The subject line of your post should list your topic and your last name. Your post should be a minimum of 100 words and be written in your own words. Provide the reference you located through HON.


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