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Describe your vision for your career once you have completed your master’s degree.

Currently, there is a huge miscommunication trend that lies between our parents and our teachers. In result, the state of Arizona has a poor education system. This is the problem that I would like to elevate with my successful completion of this MBA program.

In order to fulfill this need in our society, I would like to create a non-profit that mediates between the school systems and parents. The goal would be to communicate to the parents how to best support their children in grade school and beyond. A tutor for parents who will train on homework and academic encouragement, tutoring techniques, ways to overcome learning disabilities or behavioral issues. I would like to develop this non-profit using the skill set that I develop at Grand Canyon University.

Starting a nonprofit requires pretty decent interpersonal skills. You absolutely need to be able to connect with your clients and employees. The best way to connect with people is to act as a servant leader. Colleen Barrett, President of Southwest Airlines, demonstrates by her experience, how servant leadership has effected her time at her company. She explains the hierarchy of priorities at her company, in which the employees come first and the customers next. Her work displays her love for people and this makes her work effective. It is my goal to integrate this type of mindset within my future business ventures by making sure employees know they are cared for. I would like to work with people as if people are the most important business venture so that they are free to work at a higher level of creativity and effectiveness.

Parents in our education system are seen as either amazing parents or poor parents and it is usually based on how well they handle disciplinary warnings. Similarly, teachers are either seen as monsters who give out too much homework or complacent teachers who do not plan well enough. Creating a servant leadership dynamic between these different relationships should soften any hostility that there is between parent and teacher. Implementing a servant leadership dynamic and seeing it to follow through may be another paper.

Entrepreneurs do not conform, they are creative, and they think of the original solutions rather than a generalized response. Entrepreneurs make decisions that impact organizations both internally and externally, but entrepreneurism can be a mindset, and not just a title of a career. It’s being able to own what you do, personally, being your own boss, and keeping yourself accountable. Keeping this type of mind set while I serve the business world is important to me. It is easy to set brand standards, create a list of values for your company and make check marks by all the obligations you’ve set forth and call it a successful business. I do not want my future efforts to be put in such a tight box. Instead, I would like to adapt to a more independent mindset. This requires fewer regulations and more decision making and more researching in order to keep business authentic and growing.

Allowing representitives who help mediate between teachers and parents to think outside the box. I do not just want them to follow a list of standards but we need innovation and trust for people who deal with humans. Humans cannot fit inside a protocol book that is where an this type of flexible mindset is needed so badly. Children, parents and teachers are a protocol all of there own and we should play by there standards so that they can get get the most out of the education system we have.

This brings to question, how to maintain a creative and innovative space while maintaining ethics. Establishing a code of ethics within the business is essential for a basic foundation on how one wants the company to run along with how it will be perceived by others. I am lucky as a students of Grand Canyon and as Christistian, that my ethical standards are already laid out. If it goes go against my faith what ever the issues may be, it is wrong. I will simply not go against my faith. Dr. Christensen brings to our attention the Christian values that he followed while maintaining his career. He supports the idea of keeping business simple, stay out of trouble, and remember what is important. I have found that there are some gray areas out there that don’t exactly go against Christian values but are still off-limits for myself. In this case, it takes keeping your priorities in order. Maintaining a position is less important than maintaining your values.


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