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1. Describe how the
number of lifeboats, carried on a vessel is determined and outline the action
of a marine surveyor in determining if
the engine of a lifeboat has been tested regularly and is in good working
order. (10%)

2. Describe how the
capacity of lifeboats is determined. (5%)

3. State the type or
types of fire extinguishers that should be found in the accommodation of a
ship. (5%)

4. If you have been
instructed to carry out a condition survey for a handy size bulker, suffering
from heavy weather damage resulting in the partial flooding of No,1 hold, list
the following:

a) the structural items you would check and
form of damage you would look for to assess the condition freeboard deck
forward and outboard of No 1 hatch, including your assessment of the need for
repairs (10%)

b) the structural items you would check and the
form of damage you would look for on the No 1 hatch coamings and No 1 hatch
covers (10%)

c) the structural items you would check and the
form of damage you would look for in the No 1 cargo hold side shell structure,
transverse bulkheads structure and upper wing tanks structure. (10%)

5. How can impure
boiler water damage boilers and what can be done to avoid such undesired
consequences? (10%)

6. Describe four
benefits of incorporating turbochargers in 2-stroke slow- speed engines, and
list four potential safety hazards arising from their operation? (10%)

7. Explain five main
properties of fuel oil that affect the performance of marine engines and which
chemical properties have an effect on the environment? (10%)

8. Explain five
benefits which variable pitch propellers have over fixed pitch propellers. (5%)

9. What are the main
safety risks associated with the operation of the starting air compressors and
system onboard a vessel? (5%)

10. Describe three
different pump designs and indicate applications in which each different design
is better suited. (10%)


18th March 2016


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