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Resource Repository, Part 1 of 4Background Information

In this course, your culminating project entails building an action research proposal. In Unit 1, you were directed to begin building a repository of resources you can use to assist you in supporting the need for study of the local problem you identified in your Unit 2 assignment, as well as supporting the methodological approach you are planning to employ to investigate the problem.


For this assignment, you are asked to analyze and submit five of the resources you found that will be used in support of your action research plan.

Remember: 90 percent of your resources should be derived from peer-reviewed research articles published in the last five years. You may also include local data sources such as official records, newspaper articles, student data sources, and other data sources that will support the need for your proposed study. You might also include textbooks or other books from reputable publishers and authors. Be sure to use the Resource Repository Template(in the Resources) to format your list of sources, explain the credibility and viability of each source, and describe how each will be used to develop and support your action research proposal.

**** I have attached the template that you should follow.

***My topic is learned centered instruction. You could also search for differentiated instruction or learning centers. Thanks!


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