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51) Which of the following is NOT
true about the impression you present by bringing printouts of the company
website, or a prepared list of questions to ask the interviewer?

A) It makes you look like a
professional who is ready to work.

B) It is evidence of thoughtful
preparation for the interview.

C) It demonstrates a high level
of interest in the position.

D) It makes you look too eager.

E) It shows you will be actively
engaged in the interview.

52) While in the waiting room
prior to your interview, which of the following would do the LEAST to make a
good impression?

A) sitting attentively, observing
how the office functions

B) asking if you can see a recent
copy of the company’s annual report

C) studying any company
information that is available or displayed in the waiting room

D) reviewing your notes about the
company and job

E) working on a crossword puzzle
or word search

53) Dara just finished up an
interview. While she feels that she did a good job overall, she thinks that she
may have made a faux pas when she was introduced to the panel. Which of Dara’s
actions was problematic?

A) Dara used people’s names when
she met them to personalize the conversation.

B) Dara referred to people by
their last names until they indicated their first names.

C) Dara shook hands with just the
key decision makers on the panel.

D) Dara shook hands with a firm,
solid grip.

E) Dara helped herself remember
people’s names by using them when she met them.

54) At an interview, which of the
following examples of body language is best avoided?

A) smiling

B) maintaining eye contact

C) leaning forward slightly

D) tapping your foot

E) sitting up straight

55) Which of the following is a
positive nonverbal gesture?

A) using moderate hand movements

B) having a blank expression on
your face

C) staring

D) slouching down in your chair

E) looking at your phone

56) You are participating in a
panel interview with five interviewers. Which of the following would convey
professionalism in this setting?

A) slouching in your seat with a
blank expression on your face

B) making and maintaining eye contact
with just your questioner when answering a question

C) admitting that you don’t
understand an acronym that was used and asking for clarification

D) making a joke about a
political scandal you read about in the paper that morning

E) continuing a conversation an
interviewer initiates complaining about IT at the company

57) Which of the following
statements is true?

A) Professional interviews rarely
include meals.

B) Meals are social experiences;
you are not being assessed in any way during these gatherings.

C) In some situations your
manners and table skills will be assessed.

D) Small talk is inappropriate at
business meals.

E) Imbibing alcoholic beverages
is fine in moderation.

David has flown from California
to New York for an interview. He arrives at the company’s headquarters and
meets his interviewer, who tells David they’ll be going out to lunch.

58) David is ________.

A) prepared, since meals are
common when you travel a great distance for an interview

B) surprised, since professional
interviews rarely include meals

C) at ease, since it will be a
social gathering and he won’t in any way be appraised

D) nervous, as he knows that
manners and table skills are strictly evaluated at all business meals

E) excited, since it will
definitely be appropriate for him to order the most expensive items on the menu

59) The interviewer says that two
colleagues will be joining them for lunch and they get ready to depart. David
should ________.

A) refrain from conversation on
the way to the restaurant

B) be prepared to engage in
discussions about politics and religion

C) avoid small talk as this is a
professional business lunch

D) not participate in
conversations about current events in the news and business world

E) ask about New York and try to
learn what it would be like to live there

60) They arrive at the restaurant
and are seated. David should do all of the following EXCEPT

A) put his bag or briefcase on
the floor or on the back of his chair

B) put his napkin on his lap

C) follow his host’s lead when it
comes to ordering

D) ask for a doggie bag if he
doesn’t finish his meal

E) avoid alcohol


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