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Bill’s Lawn Care Mini Practice Part 5

In June, Bill made several purchases to accommodate his growing business.

June 2 Purchased a storage location for lawn care equipment, paid $45,000 for a building on 1 acre. The land is appraised at $8,000. The building has an estimated life of 10 years with a $5,000 salvage value. Bill paid $2,000 down and financed the remaining purchase price with a 5% 5 year note.

June 4 Purchased a trailer to haul lawn care equipment for $2,300, estimated life is 5 years with no salvage value. Bill paid for the purchase in cash.

June 5 Purchased a gas powered trimmer for $1,200 and a commercial leaf-blower for $1,500. Bill estimates they will each have a two year life and no salvage value. Bill paid for both of these pieces of equipment on account.

These are in addition to the three assets Bill acquired in May:

Date Item Cost Estimated Life Salvage Value
May 2 Truck $5,000 5 years $500
May 5 Lawn Mower $300 2 years $0
May 5 Aerator $500 2 years $0

Depreciation was recorded in May for these assets using the straight-line method however Bill is considering other depreciation methods and has asked you to prepare a comparison of the straight-line method with the double declining balance (200% DDB) method before he decides.


1. Using the chart of accounts provided below and the Excel template provided with this assignment, record the transactions for the new assets purchased in June, 2014. Start with Page 7 for the journal entries. Explanations are optional.

2. Prepare a monthly schedule of depreciation for each of the seven assets for 2014 using 1) straight-line and 2) 200% DDB. (Assume assets purchased before the 15th of the month will be depreciated as if owned for the entire month). Remember that you are calculating monthly depreciation, not annual and adjust your depreciation rate. Carry your depreciation rate to four decimals and round the depreciation expense to two decimals.

3. Bill has decided that equipment will be depreciated using straight-line and the building using 200% DDB. Prepare the adjusting journal entries for depreciation for the month of June, 2014. Start with Page 8 for the adjusting journal entries. Explanations are optional.  


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