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I have a exam that I need 4 question to answer..

Your answers should be

at least 350 words for each question

based on the theories that we have studied

articulated in your own words

in APA format

Should you need to use any reference, use APA formatting as well.

Group I

1-Write your personal reflection on your own sense of empowerment (or lack thereof) and how this affects your teaching effectiveness.

2-Discuss the effects of isolation on the professional development of teachers.

Group II

1-Discuss the use of clinical supervisory practices, its advantages and its limitations.

2- How would you encourage teachers to become an essential part of a schools supervisory program in which they are committed to help their colleagues to continue their professional growth?

RUBRIC: Your answers will be graded according to following rubric items (Each question will be graded over 50 points);

Answers the specific central question that was asked (10 points)

Incorporates pertinent and detailed information from both class discussion(webinar discussions) and assigned readings (textbook and other assigned readings), providing needed evidence (10 points).

Maintains focus/avoids being sidetracked by tangents (5 points)

Presents all information clearly and concisely and in an organized manner (5 points)

Appropriate Length (5 points)

Avoids distracting grammar/spelling/etc. problems (5 points)

APA Format (5 points)

ORIGINALITY (5 points)


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