Adams State University BUS 304 Article Review 2 (2015)

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Select an article from Business Source Premier (Nielson Library) that deals with some marketing issues. The article should be very current (from either this month or last month). Refer to the text chapter titles and heading if you need topic suggestions. Make sure to include the article as an attachment or include the URL so I am able to refer to the article. Read the article several times to grasp the major points.

Your review will consist of a cover sheet and one-two pages of typed material as follows:

1. Use a heading for summary and a heading for opinion section.
2. Summarize VERY BRIEFLY the general topic or ideas.
3. Write your opinion either agreeing or disagreeing with the article, and why it is important to Marketers.
4. Turn in during class on the assigned due date in the following order:

  • COVER SHEET with your name, class name as well as the article name, publication date and source.
  • Article as an attachment or URL that will connect me to the article.

5. For EVERY calendar day late, a full grade will be deducted.

Attach your submission in Rich Text Format (.rtf) below using the lastnamefirstnameAR2.rtf format.

Please refer to the Article Review rubric in the syllabus for more information.


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