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5 paragraph persuasive essay for high school US government class . I need this today sometime before 10 pm (I couldn’t change the due date for this post) but the sooner the better! Thanks!

Election process

Visit Campaigns and Elections Magazine (.campaignsandelections.com/”>http://www.campaignsandelections.com/) and review two articles addressing election campaigning. After reading the articles:

Explain how the two issues addressed in the articles relate to each other (eg: Campaign Finance and Political Action Committees are related because PAC’s raise money and give it to political candidates that support their positions.

Take a position on the issues that are addressed (e.g.: Campaign Finance and Political Action Committees—You favor campaign finance limits and restrictions on Political Action Committees during election years)

Explain your position in a persuasive essay (5 paragaphs or more) using at least two other sources than Campaigns and Elections Magazine, taking direct quotes from those sources, and citing those sources within the body of your essay (e.g.: According to George Will of Time Magazine, “…..”).


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